Considering Change Management? 3 Questions You Should Ask

Is there a business leader anywhere who isn’t confronted with change management? Leading change successfully is a core leadership competency; it has become a business imperative. Yet how many leaders excel at this? Whether you are implementing new business processes or trying to get your team to embrace new technology, there is a fundamental obstacle [...]

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Why Should Businesses Use Inbound Marketing Vs. Outbound?

Inbound marketing can target more specific eyeballs looking for what your product or service offers. While some businesses are doing well with this methodology, some are still struggling with the why of using inbound marketing vs. the traditional outbound ways. It could be that the safer, traditional route more known is a bit of a [...]

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5 Tips To Building Trust In Sales

I recently read a short article from the Ken Blanchard Companies called Building Trust and how important it is in building high involvement and high-energy in the workplace. To quote: “Trust is a primary factor in how people work together, listen to one another, and build effective relationships.” Build trust in sales is important. There [...]

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How The Heck To Close A Sale?

Over the course of my career, I spent a lot of time pondering how to close a sale. I “cut my teeth” in an industry as a young sales engineer where the sales reps I supported had a credo: “If you don’t sell today, you don’t eat tonight.” It wasn’t quite that desperate, but at moments, it sure [...]

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