Is Your Company A Great Company?

First, let’s define the attributes of a great company: It generates enough cash flow to be self-sustaining. Plays a significant role ln shaping its industry. It is admired and respected by its industry. It is respected by its customers. It has sustainability. Today we will look at one aspect of what a company needs to [...]

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BMT Graduation and Luncheon: December 14, 2016

The latest group of mentees graduated from the Business Mentor Team program and were recognized on Wednesday, December 14th by the BMT group and guests. Congratulations to the following graduates: Amy Geils - The Streamlined Office Michael Lee - Light Day Solar Noah Dwaileebe - SSD Blaze Jeremy Martorano - Karma Light Event Alicia Martorano - [...]

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When Sales and Marketing Aren’t On The Same Page

Throughout my career, I have never seen a company with sales and marketing on the same page, in total alignment. Listening to a webinar by Bright Talk, they claim 70% of brochures marketing develops are not used. Sales people re-create the wheel 90% of the time by customizing to a customer. Yet, these two disciplines have [...]

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