5 Myths About Selling

The more I talk to people about sales, the more myths I find. Recently I was engaged by two great business owners, who were told through sales assessments that they were not good sales people. I was shocked. Yes, there are definitely areas where they could improve. However, they are very likable people, listen well, [...]

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Pursuing Excellence

As a small business owner, you should always be assessing if your organization is pursuing excellence. When you examine how most organizations run, rarely do you find excellence. Leaders espouse they are committed to delivering extraordinary products or service, but look under the hood of most businesses, and you will notice something quite different. What [...]

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REPLAY: Business Mentor Team interview on 2 Small Biz Guys show

FEBRUARY 22, 2017-PHOENIX: The Business Mentor Team was invited to a sit-down interview with Zen Benefiel and Ray Silverstein, co-hosts of the popular 2 Small Biz Guys radio show. Rich Murphy, CEO and Chairman of the Business Mentor Team was joined by fellow BMT Mentor Allan Himmelstein, CEO of Sales Coach AZ as they answered [...]

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