Lisa Raymond

Lisa Raymond imageLisa Raymond is the principal owner of Visibly Media LLC, an Arizona-based marketing company specializing in social media and inbound marketing strategies for small and medium-sized businesses. She is a partner in both Hubspot and hibu, and is a member of the Social Media Marketing Society, Toastmasters International, and AmSpirit Business Connections.

Prior to launching her business, Lisa worked as a graphic artist for the West Valley View newspaper, managing their in-house and client-side ads, maintained the website and produced a twice-weekly business newsletter. Before this Lisa also worked in the Corporate Training department of Circle K Stores, Inc., where she was responsible for the company’s visual branding and message through employee training.

Lisa’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1998 when she achieved her graphic design degree. Her work at the newspaper increased her knowledge about sales, ad communication, and creative collaboration with the advertising reps. Following the economic collapse in 2008, Lisa restarted her business, focusing on small and mid-sized businesses desiring to improve their marketing efforts and increase their profits. Lisa is not a “punch-out” project work specialist. She is driven to understand a company’s marketing needs and connection to their current business plan completely before starting their project. She and her team want to know not just what a company needs for their marketing, but more importantly, why they need it and what they plan to do with it after it is created and delivered.

In mid-2012, after numerous discussions with both online and offline friends and business colleagues, Lisa shifted her company’s focus and vision to providing social media consulting, training and management for SMBs. She works with business owners to help them understand how this new world of communication works, how they can use it to improve their visibility and stay competitive in their industries, or to manage the process for them. Lisa understands that “spray-and-pray” tactics lack focus and measurement, resulting in very low (if any) results. Lisa and her team embrace and teach clients strategic visibility, including fusing marketing efforts from traditional (print and website), with inbound strategies to include both social media, hashtags and content marketing (i.e., blogging, email, landing pages, etc.).

A teacher at heart, Lisa enjoys giving back to the community. She teaches seminars about social media and inbound marketing in the Phoenix area. She mentors several business owners on her knowledge of mobile app usage, managing social media and creating strategies to help them achieve success.