Morten Jensen

Morten Jensen imageWith nearly two decades of experience in the technology and product development industry, Morten Jensen has throughout his career had the adventurous opportunity of working either with or within engineering teams across various cultures in the world – ranging from Germany, Sweden, and Denmark to Malaysia, China, Japan, and South-America. Through these global experiences he has had the excitement of learning first-hand how product development is done in various parts of the world, and has, based on these experiences, comprised a system for technology and product development that combines the best of all cultures and ultimately allows for developing solutions faster, more innovatively, and effectively.

For startups and established organizations looking for mentorship, Morten comes as a seasoned technology developer with a background in mechanical engineering, thermal engineering, and electronics. However, often of equal importance to organizations is the knowledge of the development process as well as the structured approach to technology/product development that Morten can help bring to the table. With these attributes, Morten has over the years helped startups and established organizations bringing their technology ideas to life through all aspects of technology development, and has had the opportunity of assisting on product development projects across many industries – ranging from hydro generators that capture ocean wave energy to the world’s smallest eye-tracking device and from commercial dump-truck hydraulic systems and neurovibratory training equipment to fashionable ladies shoes and temperature-controlled baby blankets.

Morten spends his days managing and growing STEEN Solutions and its employees. In addition, he also takes on an engineering role in select projects to do what he likes best – help his clients bring technologies to life.

On a personal note – when Morten is able to pull himself away from the Technology Creation drawing board, the things that make him smile the most is spending time with his wife and two kids.

A teacher at heart, Lisa enjoys giving back to the community. She teaches seminars about social media and inbound marketing in the Phoenix area. She mentors several business owners on her knowledge of mobile app usage, managing social media and creating strategies to help them achieve success.