Our process is simple. We believe we are the only organization dedicated to the continual on-going success of small business owners.  Most organizations work on sustainability.  We take it a step further and focus primarily on continuity.  It’s not a single finish line, but a plan to achieve a series of finish lines.  In the end, you have created one of two business models, an asset you can sell or transition to someone else, or a job you can leave behind. We start with Foundational Development or Improvement, where we help establish a solid foundation to build your business on.  We may begin with the creation of a business plan you can use as a blueprint to operate your business.  We always work together to create goals, objectives and tactics to achieve your dreams. Once you have the foundation built, we transition to a development focus, where we begin with the end in mind.  If your ultimate goal is to create and asset to sell / transition when you decide you are done, then we will begin to work on creating an executable exit strategy.  Once we know the end game, we can work on the shorter term finish line goals. There will be many finish lines to cross.  We’ll help you tackle them one at a time.