On Monday, February 20th, the Business Mentor Team (BMT) will be recording a feature on the radio show, “2 Small Biz Guys” which will be available online starting at noon on Wednesday, February 22nd. The 2 Small Biz Guys small business talk radio show is a show designed for the business owner. Bruce ‘Zen’ Benefiel and Ray Silverstein, two small business experts, discuss real-life problems and offer proven solutions to small business owners. The program is divided into four 10 to 12 minute segments.  Each segment can be used in some promotion/educational way.

Rich Murphy, CEO and Chairman of the Business Mentor Team will be joined by fellow BMT Mentor Allan Himmelstein, CEO of Sales Coach AZ.

During the program, Rich and Allan will be discussing what the Business Mentor Team has to offer both individual business owners as well as larger corporations, how to become a Business Mentor Team Mentee, as well as how interested seasoned business professionals can join BMT as a Mentor to share their expertise.

We’re excited to showcase BMT and hope you’ll join us in tuning in to listen to the show. Be sure to visit the BMT website; we’ll post a link to the recorded segment.