Evaluate Your Business Value Proposition

If you’ve spent more than 42 seconds researching factors that influence business success, chances are that you’ve bumped into several books, online classes, articles, and a wealth of videos that all talk about the importance of defining a strong value proposition – a proposition that your targeted customers have a (strong) need or desire to [...]

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Can Small Business Survive Amazon?

USA Today, on Sunday, August 8th, had an interesting article on AMAZON. In the mid-1990’s, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, had a vision of creating the biggest store on earth. He made his vision a reality and by doing so, left hundreds of independent small business owners in his wake. I want to give credit [...]

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Is Your Company A Great Company?

First, let’s define the attributes of a great company: It generates enough cash flow to be self-sustaining. Plays a significant role ln shaping its industry. It is admired and respected by its industry. It is respected by its customers. It has sustainability. Today we will look at one aspect of what a company needs to [...]

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Why Do Business Owners Need An Exit Strategy?

Exit Strategy and Succession Planning are the hot topics of the day. “Beginning with the end in mind” helps a business owner to drive the business in the direction that will fulfill its purpose and objectives. This mantra holds true with the long-term goals of the business owner. All too often, business owners come into [...]

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