Over the course of my career, I spent a lot of time pondering how to close a sale. I “cut my teeth” in an industry as a young sales engineer where the sales reps I supported had a credo: “If you don’t sell today, you don’t eat tonight.” It wasn’t quite that desperate, but at moments, it sure seemed that way.

I learned a couple of valuable lessons for any sales person early in my career. First, people buy from suppliers they like and respect. And second, you cannot sell a new prospect without reaching agreement they have an identifiable problem to solve and a budget established to fix it.

Think of all the time and moments that we sales people have spent being rejected and trying not to take that as a personal criticism or judgment, but rather the wounded pride of “developing a thick skin”. After all, we’re in sales, right?

There is an easier path that I discovered later in my sales career, through trial and effort, as well as observing others and even attending sales training 1. The later, of course, under the guise that “this training is for my sales guys”; after all, I’m just their classroom monitor, … ha … ha.

Well, here is as they call it, “my secret sauce” to sales success if you can stomach the approach. (If you can, you’ll prevail and become used to it.) Best closing question ever to your prospect is as follows, “OK, if I can solve your problem and meet your budget, what will you do next?” If the answer is anything other than “I’ll write an order” or “Let’s do business”, then, smile politely, thank your prospect for their time and move on. You’ll both be better off for it, and your life will be easier, more efficient and you’ll definitely close more orders.

Hope that tidbit is useful; try it out; it works! Need more help, get a sales coach or check out the Business Mentor Team!

Contributed by: Russell Rowe, www.motiontools.com