Small business owners have numerous marketing strategies and options open to them. On the surface, this looks like a great opportunity to grow a business; unfortunately, in many cases, the number of choices serve as a detriment to growth.

The important thing to recognize is that not all marketing methods will work for all target markets or all products and services. Thus a small business owner who is trying to reach a specific target market usually works with all the marketing methods available. That includes everything from social media, which alone offers a wide variety of options, to networking to trade shows, etc.

The secret to a successful marketing program is twofold:

  1. Learn which of the many marketing options is best received by your target market. Every market has a preferred way of receiving information, and without that knowledge the majority of a marketing effort may go to waste.
  2. Once the delivery vehicle is identified, the next step is to learn how to best deliver your message using that outlet.

The first step is called the research step. Once all the marketing options are identified then they have to be tested and measured as to their effectiveness. Some testing may cost a few dollars, but it is well worth the expenditure. I believe that a budget of $1,000 to $1,500 is enough to test the various options. I don’t want to discourage a new business startup who may not have these funds to invest. Research is still possible for many of the options without dollar expenditure. You will find that one will work better than the rest, and that becomes your go-to marketing method.

As always there is a caveat: Always keep looking and testing alternative marketing methods; your target market may select another way of receiving information.

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Contributed by: Nick Petra,