Want to find a mentor that will help your business? Interested in becoming a Mentee?  We will help you find a small business mentor through BMT. Here’s how it works.

The mentoring cycle includes 9 steps:

  • Candidate request a Discovery Session to learn more about program and how it works (the Discover Sesssion is free)
  • Candidate completes Discovery Session Questionnaire & completes Tri Metrix ™ Evaluation
  • Discovery Session with a Mentor
  • If accepted into the program, a Mentor is matched with the Mentee using the information from the Discovery Session, Tri Metrix, the Mentors business skills and background along with the Mentors Tri Metrix
  • Mentor & Mentee attend kickoff meeting and reach agreement on goals
  • Mentor & Mentee have regular meetings
  • Mentor reviews progress monthly with entire Mentor Team. Mentee completes mid point survey on status which is reviewed by the Mentor Team
  • End of 6 month cycle results in graduation, Mentor final review and Mentee final survey
  • Mentee can request one more mentoring cycle and the process picks up at step 4.

If you would like to learn more or apply to the program, feel free to contact us directly.