If you are anything like me, you can hear your mother’s words ringing in your years, throughout your life. And I have worked hard to follow the advice my mother gave me that “You will be known by the company you keep.” How true this is.

After almost 12 years of participating in the Business Mentoring Program, I have definitely benefitted by the company I keep.

I have been heard to say more than once that I would take the entire Mentor Team at BMT as a Board of Advisors for my organization. The advice and counsel is superb and the dedication and commitment of the team to help one another is a significant benefit that we receive through our collaboration with one another.

In addition, I have found talented individuals who are tops in their defined areas of expertise. This has not only benefited the Mentees I serve, but also my clients. I have utilized the talents of many of my mentoring colleagues over the years to help our clients solve the challenges they face. It is like having an army of skilled practitioners at the ready at a moment’s notice to tackle the challenges that our clients face as they toil to be great organizations in the business community.

There is another benefit to this collegial relationship….FRIENDSHIP. I have a very high regard for my mentor colleagues and have enjoyed their company, repeatedly, as we work together and play together. I count them among some of the most important people in my life and work.

Yes, my mother was right….I am known by the company I keep. How fortunate I am.

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Contributed by: Jerry Houston, www.HPISolutions.com.