To date, over 100 small businesses have successfully completed our program. Meet a few of our graduates from the BMT program below:

Holly and I tried to grow my accounting business. At the time Holly was a great mentor and influence in my life and my business. As life turns out, I closed my accounting business in 2013 and opened my love. Designing and creating jewelry. is now my only success and my current mentor is Lisa Raymond.
Sandee Jene,
Over a period of two years’, Rich Murphy, was invaluable as a Business Mentor. Through unforeseen circumstances, I became the Manager of a real estate holding company, almost overnight, and without any prior knowledge of running a company.

Rich mentored me by explaining cash flow analysis and how to see small patterns in profit and loss, before they became large problems. Rich guided me through understanding Federal and State taxes, understanding how different asset classes react to changes in the economy, and tackling huge professional fees that were threatening to bankrupt the company. He also identified areas in my personal budget that needed to be curbed, as well as helping to set up Trusts and additional Limited Liability Companies, to lower liability risks.

I had no idea when I started being mentored, by Rich, how much I didn’t know. But, being introduced to the concept that you reduce everything to data, and take out emotion from decision-making, has dramatically changed my business operation, for the better.

Julie Peck Cowan, Peck Management, LLC
I can’t say enough about Patty Hughes, owner of Strategic Marketing Services and part of the Business Mentor Team. I reached out looking for help in becoming more proficient with marketing my small business, and Patty was assigned to be my mentor. As the result of this investment, I now have a website that is keyword rich for better SEO optimization. I am now consistently using automated processes to upload content to my social media sites. I am blogging with regularity and including this content in targeted newsletters and email campaigns. This has resulted in greater public awareness of my brand and more paying clients! Thanks, Patty and the BMT. I couldn’t have done it without you
Amy Geils, The Streamlined Office LLC