One of the truly meaningful things that has occurred in my life is involvement in a Volunteer Mentoring Program,, that has helped hundreds of small businesses find their way to success in this very competitive world.

The real meaning behind the program is not just that one “feels good” by helping, although it definitely does! The real meaning comes from the truly great, courageous individuals and organizations that I have been honored to meet in my eleven years in this effort.

In our style of mentoring we require that the Mentee does the vast majority of the heavy lifting. We advise, guide, support and hold accountable the Mentee as they get focused and push forward in their effort to create a more sustainable business. The vast majority of Mentee’s who enter the program are very committed and work very hard to accomplish the objectives that we set together in the program start-up.

I doubt that there is anything more rewarding than to get a phone call, email or text, that tells me about the next victory: “we got the sale”, “we found the capital”, we made the move to the new facility”, and so on. We also are there with our Mentees when it doesn’t go well to help them go through, over, or under the obstacles to continue their entrepreneurial vision.

While our program is 6 months in duration, as a mentor, I end up with a life-long relationship that has happened because we have toiled together, won together, lost together and the bond it creates is everlasting.

It is not just the Mentee who benefits from the Business Mentoring Program, it is all of us who are privileged to participate in this very worthwhile adventure of making a difference in the lives of courageous entrepreneurs and the business community.

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Contributed by: Jerry Houston,